Relais San Giuliano







The dream of a noble past which become modern hospitality

A charming boutique hotel obtained by an historical Mansion House in the heart of Etna between nature and culture.
Around the inner court are located the buildings of the Main Villa, the house of the farmer and the Palmento, the wine press cellar which was restored to its original splendor. Relais san Giuliano has comfortable rooms with an elegant personality, a SPA, a swimming pool in the garden area, a restaurant and a lounge bar, perfect for your walk through Sicilia’s food and wine experience.

The intact charm of the Mansion House, the research of fine furniture and love for details makes Relais San Giuliano the ideal Boutique Hotel for your holiday based on relax, to discover Catania and the suggestive land around Mount Etna.







Oasis of relax

immersed into nature

Mansion House from 1700

From farm Mansion House to oasis of relax immersed into nature. Relais San Giuliano is a noble Mansion with a charming past, a place where nature and culture match in a timeless emotion.
The countryside House of Marquis of San Giuliano was built at the beginning of 1700 in the middle of a very fertile hilly land cultivated mostly with vines.
In the 1800 the house was enlarged and restored to give the actual aspect. The frontal prospect was enriched with a pincer staircase facing the huge inner court where are also located the Palmento with the huge wine press, the house of the farmer, the room to make the kart and the stables.

Boutique Hotel

Today Relais San Giuliano is a boutique hotel create to welcome the guests in a location where every detail reveal the preciosity of the designed solution. The knowledge of using natural material, the original shape of the furniture and the colors create around the guest the right atmosphere between past and present.
Inside the “Grottino”, the canteen of the Relais, it is located the reception. The Master Residence host the living room, comfortable rooms, the gazebo. Inside the huge room of the Palmento, now home of our Lounge bar, you can still take a look to the original wine press from 1700, adjacent to the Palmento our restaurant “iPalici”. In the part dedicated to the stables nowadays take place the Spa and some other room. In the external area an infinity pool immersed in the garden to complete the charm of this authentic oasis of relax. Us building like the Wine Cellar which still preserve the antique splendor, the garden of the Relais is the ideal place to relax reading a book or just sipping a drink surrounded by a green oasis.
The suggestive infinity pool with large solarium area equipped with all comforts will give you moments of intense relax.